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The SweBlocks Academy is an educational platform focused on decreasing the gender gap in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. A surge in female participation allows us, among other things, to increase overall liquidity, to diversify and improve blockchain related products and to lower the technical threshold.


We believe that it is of paramount importance that more women get a basic understanding of blockchain as this technology is poised to become as significant as the internet is today. Blockchain technology can contribute to a world where our societies are characterized by transparency, security and increased safety, which would be possible through the technology's decentralized and immutable nature. This is why we also want to expand our knowledge to a wider audience.

The total market value of the global crypto industry is approximately $ 170 billion at current.

Unfortunately, barely 9% (bitcoin usage only, the global average is even lower) of the investors and active users are women. 


SweBlocks Academy

 blockchain & cryptocurrencies

for women by women


Our educational platform is the first in Sweden to offer content with industry and use-case focus to our members (the membership section is under construction). In addition, we’re women creating content focused towards primarily women, which makes our initiative unique in Europe. In addition, we organize customized workshops, meetups

and lunch & learns on a regular basis.



Blockchain is often perceived as relatively complex. Consequently, many women are hesitant to invest time in learning about the technology.


Our vision is to spread knowledge by primarily focusing on areas of use, applying vertical focus. How can blockchain improve your life? What benefits can you reap from using cryptocurrencies? The SweBlocks Academy arranges workshops, meetups and lunch & learns to address these types of questions.


Does this sound interesting? If so, then please get in touch to get advice on how you can get started on the learning curve, or if you want to participate in any of our training sessions.

Perhaps you only want to deepen your existing knowledge? Regardless of your knowledge or level of interest; we welcome all levels of expertise!



distributed ledger technology

The global blockchain spending is estimated to reach $ 176 billion by 2025 according to Gartner. There are many companies that are currently investigating  the possibilities of this technology and blockchain is already used in a number of industries, such as Supply Management, Gaming, IoT, Finance, Fashion, etc.


Yet one must ask, what exactly makes this technology so interesting and why is it considered to carry such potential? ​


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a term commonly used to describe different types of blockchains. There are private and public, as well as a combination called Hybrid blockchains.


In order to simplify the explanation of a blockchain, some have compared these with databases. The main difference between them however, is the centralization. All registered data is owned by a company and is stored centrally in its database.


A public blockchain on the other hand, is a decentralized chain of data, a network where all transactions are verified and stored on all computers connected to the network.


All transactions are subsequently shared with the entire network and stored in a commonly accessible public ledger. Therefore, it is usually said that a public blockchain, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, ensure transparency and immutability.


A cryptocurrency is the term for encrypted, digital currencies that use blockchain as underlying technology and typically has no third party that controls it (with a few exceptions). These types of digital currencies are created in a so-called peer-to-peer networks, making them decentralized.


Today's total cryptocurrency market value amounts to about $ 170 billion and ca 51% of the total value can be attributed to Bitcoin, a currency created in 2009 in the aftermath of Occupy Wall Street. Bitcoin's so-called whitepaper was already written in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, however nobody knows with certainty if it was just written by just one person, yet alone who Satoshi is.

Much has happened since 2009; today there are approximately 2100 different cryptocurrencies and these are used to interact within several different industries as mentioned above, but also for purely speculative purposes.


We can teach you how to do technical analysis and also give you examples of crypto exchanges, what you should consider, possible caveats, etc.

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Gina Pari started investing in crypto currencies at the end of 2013. She also founded the Bolivian Blockchain Association in the spring of 2018, a non-profit association that is committed to advocate against the crypto ban in her native Bolivia. Gina has been the Vertical Lead IoT & Emerging Tech at the Swedish Blockchain Association and also IoT & Blockchain advisor for Ignition Research.


Gina has been working in Finance and Tech since 2004 (Citi, Intel, Wind River, Tobii).



Madeleine Canefors is an advocate for cryptos (Bitcoin) and blockchain since the fall of 2017. She strongly believes in Bitcoin's ability to change the financial system and is the first woman in Sweden to start a YouTube channel in Swedish (Kryptonista). She has also studied Bitcoin and Blockchain Application at the Högskolan Väst. 


Madeleine has been working in Finance, Tech, Events and Media since 2011 (Bankgirot, Polar Cape Consulting, Banijay Nordic Group)


"No matter how long you have been in the blockchain & crypto community, SweBlocks Academy is for you.

They have our full support and we wish them all the best!"​

Marie Nilsson, Founder - Women Of Blockchain 

"It is with great pleasure that we look forward to supporting SweBlocks Academy

in the important task of  gender equality of our industry!"

Andreas Johansson, Chaiman of the Board & Founder  - Swedish Blockchain Association

"Blockchain is rebuilding the fundamentals of the Internet and women must be part of it!

We are very excited for the SweBlocks Academy initiative and what it aims to achieve!"

Vahid Toosi, Co-Founder - EOS Sw/eden


Stockholm, Sweden

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